Meet Lisa Gaskarth, a luxury wedding designer and planner with over a decade of experience. Lisa’s passion for making a friend out of everyone she meets, and acute eye for design are the reasons behind the unforgettable experiences she is known for in the industry.

Collaboration is at the heart of Lisa's approach, working closely with incredible vendors and forming meaningful relationships with her clients so that not only will your event be expertly executed, your story and personalities will be woven through every fiber of the design. Lisa is committed to making your event a success, with a flair for design and meticulous attention to detail. Her combination of logistical and design brain guarantees a stylish and awe-inspiring design, all while prioritizing the guest experience and allowing clients to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing “we’ve got you”!

When Lisa isn’t working, she’s spending time on her 60 acre farm in the Maryland Countryside complete with goats, chickens, horses and more. She loves hiking, horseback riding, cooking and traveling.

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"When Jensen and I got engaged, the very first thing I did was hire Lisa. She came highly recommended to me by multiple friends and having seen pictures of her own wedding, I predicted I would love her aesthetic and knew that she would help keep me organized. What I couldn't have predicted is how much more she would bring to the table! Lisa asked us a ton of questions about how we wanted to feel on our wedding day and how we wanted our guests to feel. She kept us within our budget and she helped us figure out which elements were worth spending more money on and which elements we could afford to let go of. She thinks outside the box and makes suggestions that take your wedding or event to the next level (hello mustard rodeo linens!) and the amazing relationships she has with vendors makes choosing the best of the best for whatever you consider to be the most important details, a breeze. If I had to get married again tomorrow, I would still do two things exactly the same: marry Jensen and hire Lisa. Unfortunately for you, you can't marry Jensen but, fortunately for you, you *can* hire Lisa!! You'll be so happy you did."

- danielle fishel & jensen karp